Putting data in Alternate data streams and how to execute it

Part 2 of this research can be found here: https://oddvar.moe/2018/04/11/putting-data-in-alternate-data-streams-and-how-to-execute-it-part-2/ I always had a fascination about ADS (Alternate data streams) and using it as part of a persistence. My first meeting with this as a persistence technique was when Matt Nelson aka @Enigma0x3 wrote a blogpost about using it: https://enigma0x3.net/2015/03/05/using-alternate-data-streams-to-persist-on-a-compromised-machine/ Quite recently I have started to play … Continue reading Putting data in Alternate data streams and how to execute it

Defense-In-Depth write-up

TL;DR .BGI files can be sent on mail as attachment and can execute code when opened.Requires that BGinfo.exe has been run on the remote machine once. It will also bypass Outlook attachment protection (Fixed with Defense-in-depth patch from September 2017). PowerShell functions to generate BGI and VBSWebMeter here: https://github.com/api0cradle/BGInfo     I was acknowledged on … Continue reading Defense-In-Depth write-up

Clarification – BGInfo 4.22 – AppLocker still vulnerable

Just wanted to do a quick follow-up on this bypass. Seems that BGInfo 4.22 still can be used to bypass AppLocker using the techniques I showed in my previous post. Meaning that if you use AppLocker as whitelisting solution I guess you must deny BGInfo.exe in order to prevent this bypass. Screenshots from an AppLocker … Continue reading Clarification – BGInfo 4.22 – AppLocker still vulnerable

Bypassing Application Whitelisting with BGInfo

TL;DR BGinfo.exe older than version 4.22 can be used to bypass application whitelisting using vbscript inside a bgi file. This can run directly from a webdav server.   UPDATE: 22.05.2017 AppLocker is still vulnerable with Bginfo 4.22. A blogpost about that here: https://msitpros.com/?p=3860 UPDATE: 19.06.2017 Microsoft has thanked me in their documentation for this finding. The … Continue reading Bypassing Application Whitelisting with BGInfo